Cellular and Molecular Endocrine Research Center



Welcome to the Cellular and Molecular Endocrine Research Center, where cutting-edge research is conducted to understand and address various aspects of thyroid cancers, specifically Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (PTC), Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma (FTC), Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma (MTC), and Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma (ATC). Additionally, our dedicated team also focuses on investigating cardiometabolic disorders, including metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we strive to unravel the intricate biochemical and genetic mechanisms underlying these diseases while exploring potential diagnostic, therapeutic, and prognostic markers.

Thyroid Cancer Research

Within the Cellular and Molecular Endocrine Research Center, our primary area of focus revolves around the complex world of thyroid cancers. Our research involves a comprehensive examination of the biochemical and genetic aspects associated with PTC, FTC, MTC, and ATC. By understanding the intricate molecular processes, signaling pathways, and genetic aberrations involved in these cancers, we aim to develop innovative strategies for early diagnosis, improved treatment options, and enhanced prognostic assessment.

Metabolomics Study of Thyroid Cancers

Recent developments in metabolomics have opened doors to deeper insights into cancer biology. At our research center, we have embarked on an exciting metabolomics study of thyroid cancers. Using cell cultures of various thyroid cancer cell lines, our team of dedicated researchers investigate potential diagnostic markers that can aid in the early detection of thyroid cancers. Furthermore, we explore novel therapeutic targets that could revolutionize treatment strategies for improved patient outcomes. With a focus on the metabolomics profiles of thyroid cancer, our research seeks to unveil the underlying molecular mechanisms driving these diseases.

Genomic Analysis and Cardiometabolic Disorders

In addition to thyroid cancer research, our research center also examines the genomic data associated with cardiometabolic disorders. Specifically, we concentrate on metabolic syndrome and diabetes, two prevalent conditions with significant health implications. By harnessing the power of advanced genomic analysis techniques, such as next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics, we explore the genetic variants, gene-environment interactions, and molecular pathways influencing the development and progression of these disorders. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of personalized treatment strategies for individuals affected by these conditions.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

We recognize the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in advancing scientific understanding and improving patient care. Our research center actively collaborates with national and international institutions, researchers, and clinicians. By fostering a multidisciplinary environment, we promote the sharing of expertise, resources, and data to accelerate discoveries in the field of endocrine research. Furthermore, we actively participate in scientific conferences, workshops, and seminars, where we disseminate our findings and engage in stimulating discussions with fellow researchers and healthcare professionals.


The Cellular and Molecular Endocrine Research Center is dedicated to investigating the biochemical and genetic intricacies of thyroid cancers, including PTC, FTC, MTC, and ATC. Through our metabolomics studies, we aim to identify early diagnostic markers, therapeutic targets, and prognostic indicators. Simultaneously, our research center delves into the genomics of cardiometabolic disorders, providing valuable insights into metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Together, our research endeavors aim to unravel the mysteries surrounding endocrine diseases and pave the way for improved patient outcomes and personalized healthcare approaches.