Prevention of Metabolic Disorders Research center


Research Priorities

Conducting research on:

  • NCD risk factors and the impact of interventions on their prevention and treatment.
  • Incidence and prevalence of the risk factors of metabolic disorders.
  • Effective interventions for the prevention of metabolic diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Non-diabetic metabolic disorders in adults.
  • Risk factors of cardiovascular disease.
  • Childhood and adolescent metabolic disorders (non-congenital).


Important Activities
  • Generating scientific knowledge through publishing research results (over 80 articles indexed in the ISI).
  • Holding symposia, and metabolic disease workshops, in particular on diabetes and lipid disorders.
  • Determining and confirming national cut off points of waist circumference for Iranian men and women with studies based on cardiovascular outcomes.
  • Determining the validity of prognostic models used for research in cardiovascular, diabetes, and blood pressure diseases.
  • Holding specialized epidemiology, statistics, and methodology  workshops in non-communicable disease research