Endocrine Research Center

Research Priorities

Conducting research on:

Thyroid-related diseases in pregnant women

Hypo- and Hyperthyroidism related disorders.

The prevalence, outbreaks, and prognosis of thyroid-related diseases.

Producing potassium iodate for iodizing salt

Vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis.

Important Activities

Monitoring the availability of iodized salt throughout the country and sustaining IDD-free status in Iran by conducting regular surveys on the detection, elimination and monitoring of the sustainability of IDD elimination program since 1980 with collaboration of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and international organization including WHO, UNICEF and ICCIDD.

Generating knowledge through publishing research (over 300 articles cited in ISI and books

Organizing symposia and workshops on thyroid-related diseases.

Conducting the Tehran Thyroid Study (a large observational cohort study).

Determining normal reference ranges for thyroid hormones in Iran