The SBMU Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences began its mission in 1981 unofficially, as one center, the Endocrine Research Center(ERC), in a very limited, but highly experienced environment in epidemiology studies and scientific researches (basic, clinical, and applied), with the aim of identifying and controlling endocrine diseases.

 In 1994, following scientific evaluations by the Ministry of Health, the center was officially approved by the Ministry’s Education Development Center (EDC). With the financial support of the country’s Presidential Office in the same year, a two-storey building with an area of 425 m² was built in Taleghani Hospital in Northern Tehran. In 1998 and following the progressive trend of research, the second branch of the center was built on an area of 500 m² in a three-storey building in Southern Tehran, the same year. The increasing feedback researches of the center resulted in the development of two new research centers, known as the “Prevention of the Metabolic Disorders Research Center (PMDRC)”, and the “Prevention and Treatment of Obesity Research Center (PTORC)”.  In recent years, six other research centers have been added, the Reproduction Endocrinology Research Center (RERC), the Endocrine Physiology Research Center (EPRC), the Cellular and Molecular Endocrine Research Center (CMERC), the Nutrition and Endocrine Research Center (NERC), the Social Determinants of Endocrine Health Research Center (SDEHRC)and the Medical Research Development Research Center (MRDRC), bringing the total of research centers at the RIES to 9 by 2013